Why Coronavirus Drove Them to Gun Stores in Record Numbers

Why Coronavirus Drove Them to Gun Stores in Record Numbers

Buying A Gun

The Coronavirus has created a whole new group of gun buyers that had been sitting on the sidelines as to whether to buy one or not. Ammunition and weapons disappeared from the shelves of stores that carried such items.

Survival came to mind for many and home protections for others. There was and there still is some uncertainty about what can happen in a situation such as the one we're going through.

The fact is you never know what will happen in times like this and many people want to be able to protect themselves and their families. You have your own reasons as to why you want to own a gun or why you don't, but the fact is a gun might help you survive at times when others lose control.

A great article telling why some people decided to buy a gun during this Pandemic by Free Beacon below. Also some videos for first-time gun buyers about things they should know.

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Buying Your First Gun
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Aaron Eaton learned how to shoot in the Army back in 2006 but holstered a pistol for the last time when he left in 2009 and took a job as a technician for a sewer company. That all changed on March 26 when the father of four walked out of an Alabama gun store with a Beretta 92FS, the same gun he handled as a military policeman at the height of the Iraq war.


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spoke to half a dozen new gun owners who purchased a total of six handguns and two shotguns. All of the new gun owners provided proof of purchase, though some asked not to have their last names published because of potential career backlash.

To me, it's all about protecting my family, and if a gun makes that easier, so be it,” Scott, a California tech worker with a wife and daughter, said.

Many of the new gun owners cited concerns about personal protection as states began emptying jail cells and police departments announced they would no longer enforce certain laws. Jake Wilhelm, a Virginia-based environmental consultant, and lacrosse coach purchased a Sig Sauer P226 after seeing Italy enact a nationwide lockdown on March 9.

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