US M7 Bayonet Where To Buy A Real One – Havasu Surplus – eBay

US M7 Bayonet Where To Buy A Real One – Havasu Surplus – eBay

The US M7 Vietnam Era Bayonet

The M7 1095 carbon steel blade is 6 3/4 inches long, with an overall length of 11.9 inches. Blade width is 3/16 inch and it weighs about 9.6 ounces. One edge is sharpened its full length while the opposite side of the blade has approximately 3 inches sharpened. There are no markings on the blade itself. The manufacturer's initials or name along with “US M7” will be found stamped under the crossguard. The non-slip grips are molded black plastic. The steel parts have a uniform dark grey/black parkerized finish.


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Source: M7 bayonet – Wikipedia

If you're wondering where to buy an authentic original US M7 Bayonet?  (Where To Buy A Real One – Havasu Surplus) – Just letting you know that we have them for sale on eBay.

These are in very nice condition. Some of them look like they've never been issued before. Our prices average is around $42.95 and the can be less or more, depending on the maker brand.

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US M7 Vietnam Era Bayonet

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Watch some of the videos on our site and learn a little more about this great piece of history and start your bayonet collecting or add one of these to your collection.

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Collecting US M7 Vietnam Era And Other Bayonets

Watch some of these videos to learn a little bit about these great bayonets. Besides making a great fighting weapon, they also make a great survival knife that you can carry with you when out in the wild. Enjoy these videos and don't forget to buy your bayonet today!!

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