Surviving a Pandemic in Ancient Rome – The Antonine Plague DOCUMENTARY

Surviving a Pandemic in Ancient Rome – The Antonine Plague DOCUMENTARY

In this history documentary we take a look at surviving a pandemic in ancient Rome with a specific focus on the Antonine Plage. Check out Ancient History Magazine:

We begin with an overview of ancient diseases and Roman medicine. What did people think of diseases and how did they treat them? Turns out there are a ton of answers to this question so we focus in on the main philosophy involving the four fundamental elements of earth, air, fire, and water. With this context in mind, we then turn to the topic of ancient pandemics.

Our primary case study is the Antonine Plague which broke out in the 2nd Century AD of the Roman Empire. We cover its origin and spread across ancient Rome. We then talk about its impact on Roman society, the Roman Economy, and the Roman Army. There are a ton of parallels to modern times which prove quite fascinating to compare and contrast. Enjoy!

Bibliography and Recommended Reading
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