Survival Food Storage — The Beginner’s Guide on a Budget

Survival Food Storage — The Beginner’s Guide on a Budget

Survival Food Storage

Food is a basic necessity for survival. Be it an earthquake, hurricane, super typhoon, floods, or any sort of natural calamity or even war, you may lose access to water and food supply. For the rainy days like these, most people go for keeping emergency food storage. Read the full article

In an emergency like this Pandemic that we're having, you see how fast food and other items disappear from the store shelves. People go into panic buying and that creates shortages.

We want to be ready for such shortages so that we can provide safety and food for ourselves and our loved ones. Do you know what to buy and store for such an emergency? There's a great article above and some great videos below will provide some of the information for such a time as the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Let's get prepared by learning what to stock… Now people can see why “Preppers” do what they do. Maybe we can learn something from them. Let's open our minds and let the knowledge come in, that can save ours and our family's life in another situation such as a “hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or Pandemic”.

Stay safeStay healthyStay home

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