Living off the grid is being practised more and more. Generating your own electricity by alternate methods is something that can come in very handy when there's no other electric power source available. There's an article below showing you a way somebody is living off the grid in suburbia.

Also, some videos showing what others are doing to live off the grid. Enjoy and follow our website to see more post like this. Learning how to live a self-sustaining lifestyle it's a skill we can all use.

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What We Feed Our Dogs | GARDENING WITH BEARS | Falling Trees – Ep. 87

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Off The Grid Living

living off the grid in suburbia

Behind a tall row of hedges on a steep hillside terraced with million-dollar houses in an oceanside suburb of San Diego, Rob Greenfield hops up on a hay bale, one of three arranged around a fire pit. He peers over the simple wooden privacy fence that surrounds his encampment, searching the Pacific sky expectantly for signs of a storm.


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His balding head is deeply tanned; the soles of his feet are black and calloused. He always goes barefoot. Not long ago, when he discovered he needed shoes to travel on a commercial flight, he went down to the beach and foraged a pair of flip-flops from a trash can. There’s a fresh scar where surgeons recently reattached the fourth toe on his right foot after a bicycle mishap, and yellow dust on the tip of his nose — the telltale remnants of his daily dose of turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory he believes is also good for his general health.

Part Henry David Thoreau, part Robinson Crusoe, Greenfield, 29, is a former marketing man who suffered his own Don Draper moment a few years ago and chucked it all for an eco-mindful lifestyle. He has purposefully shipwrecked himself on a utopian island in the middle of suburbia, a haven from the forces of waste and consumerism that have come to rule our daily lives.

Greenfield doesn’t own a cell phone or a car. He gets around on a bamboo bike he has ridden across the country twice; with the help of donors, dumpsters, and extreme conservation techniques. He shits into a 5-gallon bucket and composts his own waste with the leaves from a spreading pepper tree that also provides his shade. The end product is called

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Source: Living Off the Grid in Suburbia – MEL Magazine

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