Make Your Own Reusable Face Masks At Home| 2 Types Of Face Masks| TheDIYGirl

Make Your Own Reusable Face Masks At Home| 2 Types Of Face Masks| TheDIYGirl

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With the shortages of the face masks in the country, I decided to make some for my neighbors, guards and other local people around my house so they can wear these and stay safe. This is definitely not 100% safe but even 70% or 80% safe is better than 0% safe. I had the leftover fabric from all the diys I have done for you guys, so I decided to use them and keep people safe in my locality.
Ps, some of the masks will also be given to hospital staff by my mom as she works there and decided to give some to her colleagues. I will be making more as more the merrier. You do your share too and tag me on your Instagram if you try these masks.

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