Green Beret’s Bug out Bag | Survival Prepper | Tactical Rifleman

Green Beret’s Bug out Bag | Survival Prepper | Tactical Rifleman

This week on Tactical Rifleman I wanted to cover what I carry in my “Red Bag.” Some people would call it a “Bug Out Bag” or “Get Home Bag.” I’m not big on those names, as it gives thoughts that I am some nut case Prepper. That is not the case. I am just a retired Green Beret that has had “preparedness” beat all the way down into my DNA.
After our “Hiking Bagvideo did so well; we got a lot of comments asking for me to show what was in my “Bug Out Bag.” A lot of students that attend our courses, likewise, wanted me to do a video about my “Bug Out Bag.” So, OK; here it is, but don’t bitch because I didn’t show you any need secret kit for you to buy or any “magical” piece of gear that you just HAVE to get. Nope. Just my bag of stuff that I want to have with me.
So, this minimalist bag is going to really let down all the survivalists that follow our channel. Sorry about that. However, on the flip side, a lot of our other viewers are also gonna scream that I have WAY too much crap to drag around with me all over the planet. So, either way, I loose. Except, that I don’t care. This is what I carry in my vehicle. It is currently in my jeep; as I just returned from a trip to Memphis to teach a course. It’s a 4 hour drive, one way. Never touched the bag the whole weekend. Didn’t bother me a bit. However, if something had happened, it was there for me, to make my life easier.
I hope you enjoy the video, and I really do look forward to reading all the comments from all our viewers out there. I’m hoping there are lots of suggestions for other great items that I might have missed, as I do still have a bit of room left. However, I have a feeling that 90%of the suggestions will be for items that I already have stashed in my vehicles. I wasn’t joking when I said that Jeep is loaded down with great gear.
To help you out finding some of these items, before you ask, here is a list of links to most of the items:

Salomons Hiking Shoes

Leatherman Surge


Southord Lockpick Set

Petzl Head Lamp

SpyderCo Endura

Whole Book Set

Signal Mirror


Steel Bottle


Knife Sharpener

Iodine Tablets


Survivor Filter


Hand Sanitizer

Food Bars


SPectra Line

SOL Emergency Bivi Bag

Body Glide

Iridium Phone

Spot Gen3 (an alternative to the Iridium Phone)



Mechanics Leather Gloves

Energizer Solar Charger

Survivor Filter Electric Filter

Mountain Serape


Spiderwire Fishing line

Speed Hooks


So, I saved you the trouble of looking stuff up. I ask that, if buying off Amazon, that you go through our Amazon store page for all your purchases. It helps get us paid. Every penny helps. I hope that you enjoyed the video.
Strength & Honor, TR

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