Good and Bad DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipes | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

Good and Bad DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipes | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic there's a hand sanitizer shortage… and a ton of DIY hand sanitizer recipes. Will they actually work? (Spoiler: Most of them won't.)

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In this video:
* Brief info on COVID-19 and hand hygiene (skip to 1:20 if you're sick of this)
* What you need in a hand sanitizer to kill coronavirus
* Reviewing DIY hand sanitizer recipes that will and won't work
* Extra tips on using hand sanitizer

Note that pharmaceutical/cosmetic/food grade alcohols are safest for use on skin – use other grades at your own risk.

I do not recommend using methylated spirits that contain methanol (many but not all of them do).

Some of the hand sanitizer recipes I've come across show some disturbing lack of comprehension of what we're up against. For some reason, people who can't calculate percentages or spell “coronavirus” still felt that they were qualified to make up their own pandemic-halting hand sanitizer recipes. Phrases like “this has worked for me for years” and “you can adjust how much alcohol you want to use” were frighteningly common.

This is a novel coronavirus, so information is limited at the moment – the info in this video is current as of 15 March 2020.

WHO hand sanitizer recipes:

Blog post with more info here:

Alcohol content calculator:–2rHLb9F2M/copy

How bad is alcohol in skincare? (Note: We didn't singlehandedly cause the hand sanitizer shortage in our video, pinky swear.)

COVID-19 info from the WHO:
Australian Health Department:
Flattening the curve animation by Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris, more info:

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How bad is alcohol in skincare?
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