FACE MASKS DIY | How to make your own mask TUTORIAL | Acrylic Stones | Diamonds

FACE MASKS DIY  | How to make your own mask TUTORIAL | Acrylic Stones | Diamonds

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Hi guys! Hope you are doing well during this weird time!
I think everything is happening for reason, even when situation looks bad. In this additional free time, we can do things we never had time for! It could be anything, from reading books, creating, experimenting, starting new things to thinking about our future.
Me and my husband can't travel to do content for out travel YouTube channel @Travel Jera so I am doing a lot of creative projects at home!

Masks are popular right now but I think this topic needs a bit more color and creativity. I have made my first ever masks!

Let me know how you like it and which one is your favourite?

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Video Transcript:

Hi everyone Welcome back to my channel!
So.. what am I doing while #stayathome time ?

Do you want to see how I made them?

Let’s start!

So, I’ve started from this pattern, I included all the measurements on the screen for you

-Just want to say this is the first time I am making a mask and I have no idea how will it came out.

First, I had to cut the pattern out of the fabric. I’ve used a thicker fabric for the outside and a bit thinner for the inside.

This mask will be embellished, so to make it easier for “the future me”, I’ve marked where the stitching is going to go to make sure I don’t attach the beads too close to the edges.

– I am using vanishing marker. The lines will disappear after 24-72 hours.

Next, I folded both pieces in half and stitched along these two lines.
I am starting to embellish the right side of the mask using beautiful round and petal shaped stones.
Each one was secured with a few more stitches on the back side.

Once all stones are in their places, I can stitch both pieces together. Not the two sides yet though.

Flip the whole thing over.

Now, I can stitch an elastic cord on both sides of the mask.
If there are any places where the sewing machine can’t get to, just hand stitch it.

My super, cool and unique mask is ready!
I have decided to experiment a little more with this design and made another one!
This time, I will try to glue little, pastel coloured stones to the mask to see if it works.

I must say that the glue is really strong and dries in seconds but it is a little messy in my opinion. Stitching is much cleaner.
The glue made the beaded parts of the mask quite stiff, so I decided to leave some spots blank, to let the fabric fold and move around a little when I wear it.

– When the qlue is completely dry you can’t smell it.

I must admit, I didn’t expect this little project to look so cool!

What do you guys think? Which mask is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!? Like and Subscribe my channel – And I’ll see you in the next video! Bye!

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