Answers to Common DIY Hand Sanitizer Questions | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

Answers to Common DIY Hand Sanitizer Questions | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

I recently did a video on how many of the DIY hand sanitizer recipes out there don't work, and a lot of people had the same questions… here are the answers to the most common ones! Includes a demo of the alcohol calculator.

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Original DIY hand sanitizer video:

In this video:
1:01 Issues with DIY sanitizers
2:19 Can I add aloe vera/moisturiser/vitamin E oil/whatever to my hand sanitizer?
4:15 Where is the link to the alcohol calculator?
4:27 How do you use the alcohol calculator?
5:23 Will ingredients other than alcohol sanitise hands?
5:35 Is alcohol-based hand sanitizer better or soap and water?
5:54 What's the difference between ethanol and isopropanol?
6:29 Alcohol concentration is just enough?
6:44 Alcohol concentration is too low?
7:06 Methylated spirits?
7:25 Can you use detergent instead of soap to wash your hands?
7:59 How can you disinfect surfaces?
8:38 Ways to boost your immune system?

Blog post with more info here:

WHO hand sanitizer recipes:

Alcohol content calculator:–2rHLb9F2M/copy

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COVID-19 info from the WHO:
Australian Health Department:
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